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The Director General of Meteorology is the Head of the India Meteorological Department, with headquarters at New Delhi. There are 4 Additional Directors General at New Delhi and 1 at Pune. There are 20 Deputy Directors General of whom 10 are at New Delhi.

For the convenience of administrative and technical control, there are 6 Regional Meteorological Centres, each under a Deputy Director General with headquarters at Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Nagpur and Guwahati. Under the administrative control of Deputy Director General, there are different types of operational units such as Meteorological Centres at state capitals, Forecasting Offices, Agrometeorological Advisory Service Centres, Flood Meteorological Offices, Area Cyclone Warning Centres and Cyclone Warning Centres. 

In addition, there are separate Divisions to deal with specialised subjects. They are: -

         Agricultural Meteorology

         Civil Aviation




         Meteorological Telecommunication

         Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre

         Positional Astronomy

         Satellite Meteorology



India Meteorological Department is under Ministry of Earth Sciences.