Regional Meteorological Centre


 1. Structure : 

          Regional Meteorological Centre, New Delhi  has its  Meteorological office at Safdarjung  Airport for Non-Aviation and Meteorological Office at IGI Airport for Aviation purposes to cater the meteorological requirements of the following states through different meteorological centres in the region:

Haryana  &  Punjab      : Meteorological Centre, Chandigarh.

Himalchal Pradesh        : Meteorological Centre ,Shimla.

Jammu and Kashmir     : Meteorological Centre, Srinagar.

Rajasthan                     : Meteorological Centre, Jaipur.

Uttar Pradesh               : Meteorological Centre,Lucknow.

Uttaranchal                   : Meteorological Centre, Dehradun.


2. Activities:

a) Aviation forecasting.

b) flood forecasting.

c) Agromet Advisory.

d) Rainfall monitoring on daily, weekely, monthly, seasonal and annual basis.

e) Weather forecasting services to general public, Government agencies and

    other users for research and plannimg purposes.

f)  Implementation of District-wise Rainfall Monitoring Scheme(DRMS) of all

    states under the region and proving necessary inputs to user agencies.

g)  Earthquake Monitoring.