RADAR Network

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X-Band Weather Radar Network


S-Band Cyclone Detection Radar Network


  • IMD adopted radar technology for meteorological applications in the early fifties.The first indigenously designed and manufactured X-band storm detection radar was installed in 1970 at New Delhi.
  • An integrated upper air sounding system comprising X-Band weather-cum-windfinding MULTIMET radar and radiosonde system (401 MHz), designed and produced indigenously, was introduced in IMD in 1975.
  • The first S-band cyclone detection radar became operational at Visakhapatnam in 1970. The first Indian made S-band cyclone detection radar was commissioned at Mumbai in 1980.
  • IMD now has a network of 10 S-band cyclone detection radars covering the Indian coast-line.
  • IMD's operational network of X-band radars consists of 9 wind-finding radars, 9 storm detection radars and 8 radars with dual capability.
  • Ten X-band radars, which had outlived their lives, were replaced by digital X-band radars in 1996.
  • IMD plans to replace the existing cyclone detection radars with state-of-art Doppler Weather Radars in a phased manner. The first two radars to be replaced in 2001 by Doppler Weather Radars will be those at Calcutta and Chennai.
  • An indigenous Doppler weather radar is being developed under a joint collaborative programme of IMD with Indian Space Research Organisation.