The Meteorological Observatory at Dehradun was established on January 1, 1967 in the Geodetic and Research branch campus of Survey of India. In the initial years Observatory worked under Meteorological Centre, Lucknow, it was in the year 2002, Meteorological Centre, Dehradun was established. In August, 2014 Meteorological Centre, Dehradun was shifted from Survey Campus to new office building at Mohkampur, Dehradun.


To take meteorological observations and to provide current and past meteorological information, current weather and weather forecasts  on various temporal and spatial scale for optimization of resources of weather-sensitive activities like agriculture, irrigation, aviation, power plants, planning, industrial operations, tourism, disaster management and other activities.


1. Establishing, operating and maintaining a network of manual/automatic  weather stations including synoptic, upper atmosphere, radiation, climatological, agro meteorological  observations.
2. To record  meteorological observations (surface, radiation  and upper atmosphere) of the Uttarakhand  state  on different temporal  and spatial scale through the manned and unmanned observatories and also to provide the current weather observations  of all airports of the state.
3. To provide now-cast, short range and medium range weather forecasts and other information to the users for aviation and non aviation purpose.
4. To communicate the current  and past meteorological information , forecast products and warnings to the public, aviation, industry, agriculture, tourism sector, Railways, defence forces, Uttarakhand Government  and its  concerned authorities,  etc.
5. To warn the public and disaster management authorities of the state Government  against severe weather phenomena like  thunderstorm, heavy rain/snow, frost, thundersquall, cold and heat wave, etc., which cause destruction to life and property, affect social-economic activities and  agriculture operations etc.
6. Establishing, operating and maintaining a data bank of basic meteorological data and to provide climatological data and information required for agriculture, water resource management, industries, insurance covers, Research and other nation-building activities.
7. Conducting applied meteorological research to advance scientific understanding of weather and climate.
8. Inspection of all the departmental/non departmental observatories, AWS/ARG and manual rain gauge stations in state to maintain the quality of meteorological observations.
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