Agrometeorological Advisory Service

A grometeorological Advisories are prepared by IMD twice a week in consultation with agricultural experts of the State Agricultural Departments. They are broadcast by AIR stations and also telecast by Doordarshan. The advisories contain, besides information on past and expected weather, specific advice to farmers on what agricultural operations they may undertake in the context of these weather conditions.  The agrometeorological advisories are very useful to farmers for scheduling of irrigation to save water, and choosing the optimum timing for spraying of pesticides, application of fertilisers, etc.

The Agrometeorological Advisory Service is functioning at 17 IMD centres located mostly at State Capitals viz., Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Calcutta, Chandigarh, Chennai, Gangtok, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, New Delhi, Patna, Pune, Srinagar, and Thiruvananthapuram.