Agricultural Meteorology Division 

  T he Agricultural Meteorology Division of IMD is located at Pune. 

It maintains a network of agrometeorological observatories across the country with the cooperation of agricultural universities and research institutions. The Division provides technical assistance to the cooperating institutions for site selection, training of personnel, calibration of instruments and their maintenance, scrutiny of data, etc. Besides this, observations of evaporation, evapotranspiration, soil moisture and dewfall are made at IMD's own observatories. The Central Agrimet Observatory at Pune and the agrimet observatories at Bangalore, Anand and Rahuri have many specialised instruments and facilities for research. 
The Agricultural Meteorology Division prepares crop weather calendars, which depict the state and stage of the crop under normal weather conditions and the weather elements detrimental to the crops in various growth stages. The crop weather calendars are periodically revised as new crop varieties are introduced and cropping patterns undergo changes.
Extensive analysis of past rainfall data has been carried out by IMD to help agricultural planning in drought-prone and dry land farming areas of the country. An Agroclimatic Atlas of India has been prepared. Aridity anomaly maps are compiled for the country on a fortnightly basis. IMD also estimates the crop yields of principal crops with the help of regression models which parameterise the effects of various weather parameters during the different growth stages of the crops.